Our rates for advertising are excellent and only a fraction of mainstream media . 

But WE would argue that we are more effective!

Prices :
Right hand side of edition          SINGLE             CAMPAIGN/ Q-Pay Rate
…Single..Full page  advert         200 Euro    or                – (175
Single   Half page  advert          100 Euro   or                –   (90)
Single   Quarter page advert   70 Euro     or               –  (60)
Trade ads from 10 euro per week .
We also have ” Quick pay rates” as indicated above  that I would be delighted to go through with you.
All adverts are in full colour and prices are ex vat.

As Chris’   background is in Marketing and PR consultancy I can also tailor a prominent low cost marketing campaign or discuss “regular advertiser ” offers,incorporating features,competitions,photos and advertorials.
We have done this for a number of customers ,all finding it very effective and extremely cost efficient!
We can meet you at a time that’s convenient to you and we can discuss further
Chris & Colette Shortt

Remember, ADVERTISING doesn’t have to be expensive, IT JUST HAS TO BE EFFECTIVE!

The more you tell, the more you sell!

Not advertising your business is like winking at a girl in the dark… you are the the only one who knows you are doing this!!!