The highly anticipated Les Mills Launch event was held in the city of London on Saturday, February 17th. This exciting fitness event, known for its electrifying atmosphere and world-class instructors, was attended by Catriona Cantillon and Samuel Coughlan representing Manor West Leisure Club & Zero Gravity Fitness Studio. The event was a must for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a unique opportunity to experience Les Mills’ renowned workout programs firsthand. The excitement in participation was elevated by the European launch of 3 new workout programs. LES MILLS FUNCTIONAL STRENGHT, LES MILLS SHAPES, and LES MILLS STRENGHT DEVELOPMENT.

“Our reason for attending the event was to participate in and consider these 3 new programs. For the future of our member’s fitness and local community, we want to ensure we are offering the highest quality workouts. The range and variety of the programs that we are offering our members is very important to us. Les Mills pushes our instructors to stay at their peak in motivating groups through workouts that are going to make a difference to your fitness. The Les Mills community takes your fitness journey to new heights whether you are a beginner, experienced, or an athlete. The music is energetic, the science-based programs are inspiring and clients already participating in Les Mills programs will tell you they are physically and mentally transforming. “ – said Catriona Cantillon, Leisure Club Manager

Catriona is a qualified instructor in LES MILLS BODY ATTACK and LES MILLS GRIT SERIES. These programs are currently running live in our leisure club. She is the in-house STOTT Pilates instructor and is excited about the potential of offering in the future LES MILLS Shapes. SHAPES combines the best of Pilates, barre, and power yoga with modern playful beats. This invigorating low-impact workout uses small, controlled movements and repetition to target muscles, sculpt, strengthen, and improve alignment and flexibility. Suitable for all fitness levels, LES MILLS SHAPES is all about finding the hot spot and training at an intensity that works for you.

Samuel is a graduate of MTU and is looking to further his group exercise offering to his fast-growing client list. He is the in-house Spin instructor and truly admires the inclusiveness and social interactions that you can bring and get from a group of people working out together. He is keen on developing strength group fitness programs in our leisure club.
In the future he is looking at phase one, introducing LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT. This is designed to build strength in phases based on strength and conditioning science. Members progress through the essential elements of strength training with slow and controlled movements, functional exercises, and dynamic core work. It’s perfect for everyone from those new to lifting to seasoned pros.

To evolve participants and help them exceed their expectations, Sam is looking at phase two bringing LES MILLS FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH. This program draws inspiration from sports conditioning and performance training to create a challenging strength workout. This full-body workout uses dynamic supersets of loaded compound moves, including squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, to offer a fresh take on fundamental movement. Expect innovative training that increases the heart rate to build athletic strength and improve power and fitness.

The future of fitness. As Les Mills says let’s create a fitter planet. Progression is exciting and we want to keep our members and local community healthy, fit, and having fun.