The National Training Centre (NTC) in Dublin has called on KP Therapy’s Kevin Prunty to lead the higher diploma program in neuromuscular therapy (NMT). Kevin holds a MSc in NMT which was jointly awarded by NTC and the University of Chester and has been teaching NMT for nearly 15 years. Kevins practice is located in the Brandon Conference Centre just next to the Brandon Gym & Leisure centre .
The higher diploma course was launched in 2001 at the JBMT conference in Dublin and is celebrated as the combining of American and European approaches to myofascial pain and dysfunction. Students have included fully qualified sports therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, Amatsu practitioners and other healthcare professionals. Working on the higher diploma exposes Kevin to some of the greatest authorities in the world and keeps KP Therapy on the leading edge in chronic pain and injury treatment.

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