Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment?
…Sure thats only available in Dublin & Cork!
Well, No, thats not true…its available in Tralee now


Christmas is that time of year when you get to step back a little from normal , so when it was time to return to my regular 2 games a week of 5 a side soccer, lets just say the body was a little out of sync with the mind ! 6 weeks of no games ..not good I thought …so I gave Mario in Rock St a call, where he has his Cryotherapy Chamber located ( in the Sun Factory Tanning Salon ) and I booked a few sessions , After all , it had worked wonders for me in Oct-Dec in terms of improving my recovery a lot quicker and managing my body , muscles , joints and keeping me injury free and enjoying the games . Firstly I noticed that an initial session a day before I started back playing in January wasn’t very useful but boy did the Cryo sessions after my games have an effect! 2 weeks in and I tweaked my ankle a little, normally something that would have stopped me from playing the following week , but no , a session the following Monday improved the pain and soreness drastically ! So thats the latest update …but dont take my word for it alone ..Barry John Keane , former Kerry Footballer and active guy says “ I found it very good for niggling injuries and it definitely speeded up my recovery between games “ And what about Dan Hickey, the Octogenarian, from Ardfert who is full of praise saying Cryotherapy Treatment in Marios premises has given him enormous relief from Arthritis and swelling in his knees and allowed him to walk with far far less pain . So check out the back page of this issue of the Tralee Advertiser, as Mario’s advert has a special offer if you are curious and want to try Cryotherapy for yourself …..Chris Shortt ( Editor )