Austin Stacks Fundraising Committee – Shane Lynch, Mary Fitzmaurice, Michael Tangney & Eileen Nagle – is making one big final push to raise funds for senior team expenses for the trip to Tipp on Sunday. The current public health regulations have played havoc with some of the big fund-raising events which the Club had planned to raise badly needed finance for the trip to Tipp.
‘Already. the Club’s big Race Night had to be postponed. Another major fundraiser lunch planned for Ballygarry House Hotel during January also bit the dust. Austin Stacks will be running these events in early spring when public health conditions allow but the loss of revenue has left the coffers very bare,’ said Shane Lynch of the Austin Stacks Fund Raising Committee.

Some progress has been made on a few emergency fundraising initiatives that are underway to help finance the costs of the Senior Team’s club championship campaign. ‘The Player’s Families & Friends Fund’ raised a considerable amount last week to cover the team’s overnight stay in Thurles. In addition, a GoFundMe fundraising initiative was launch by Club Chairman, Billy Ryle on Tuesday in Connolly Park.

‘This is a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign where supporters can contribute online towards the cost of the senior team’s preparations for the Munster final. The fundraising committee launched this campaign to build on the success of the ‘Families & Friends’ fundraiser,’ said Shane.

Austin Stacks is aiming this GoFundMe page at Austin Stacks supporters and general GAA supporters, both at home and abroad.

All donations, large and small, will be gratefully accepted. The money raised by the GoFundMe campaign is urgently needed to cover the considerable expense incurred by the successful run of the senior team on their path to the Munster final. The link to the GoFundMe page is

Pic: Austin Stacks Chairman, Billy Ryle launches the GoFundMe campaign for the senior team’s trip to Thurles on Sunday with, on left, Michael Tangney, Club Treasurer and Shane Lynch, Assistant Treasurer.