Terms and Conditions  of the ‘Getting Back to Business’ Voucher

(GBTB Voucher) As introduced by The Tralee Advertiser  in May 2020

   In reference to Covid-19 Pandemic 


  1. The GBTB voucher can be used only for adverts in The Tralee Advertiser
  2. The GBTB voucher is available to purchase until 30-6-2020
  3. The GBTB voucher  value will be exactly double the original  amount paid for it .
  4. The advertising rates applicable are as per The Tralee Advertiser website May 2020.
  5. GBTB vouchers can only form up to 75% of ads placed .(net of vat).The remaining balance (25% + vat ) to be paid by the business placing the adverts.
  6. The GBTB voucher is transferable to another business .
  7. A Business may use a portion of vouchers received to purchase adverts and defer the balance for future adverts 
  8. The GBTB voucher is non-refundable .
  9. The Minimum purchase of a GBTB voucher is €10 
  10. The Tralee Advertiser retains full discretion with regards to types of adverts placed in line with The Advertising Standards Authority Ireland guidelines .

Our rates for advertising are excellent and only a fraction of mainstream media .

But I would argue that we are more effective!