To celebrate World Bee Day 2024, the MTU Kerry Beekeeping Society set out to populate a new hive of the Native Irish Honeybee (Apis mellifera mellifera) at the North Campus Apiary. Emblazoned in the MTU colours and crest, the hive contains thousands of bees that will be busy working over the coming months. The hive will be managed by members of the MTU Beekeeping Society, with hopes of seeing the fruits of the bees’ labour in the Autumn.

The importance of bees in our ecosystem and in biodiversity cannot be understated. Though most know honeybees as producers of honey and wax, their role as pollinators maintains life at a healthy and functional level. Bees contribute to food production, plant diversity, and soil fertility, just to name a few things. Without bees, much of human agriculture as we know it would be impossible.

As the only native honeybee species in Ireland, the society works to promote and support Apis mellifera mellifera and its continued contributions to beekeepers and the Irish ecosystem alike.

For further details contact Chris Dury (MTU Beekeeping Society Chair 087 357 0551)