Well , the jury is back , its been 6 weeks since I started my Cryotherapy journey in Kerrys only dedicated Cryotherapy Chamber located in Rock st in The Sun Factory Tanning Salon as owned by Mario and his family .

The challenge was to see would this hi tech treatment ( previously known as a very expensive treatment ) , now fantastic value as offered by Mario, have its desired effects on my body , which has quite a ‘high mileage’ in terms of sports played as a young lad and right thru to today as I continue to enjoy a couple of games of 5 aside and 7 aside soccer twice a week in the Sports Complex on the Astro and Cuman Iosef hall in Caherslee …The only downside is that the games are back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings so very little chance of the body recovering in between or even after the games …Hence the quest for alternative solutions , both to prolong my playing career (??) and maximise my enjoyment while playing .

And the verdict thus far ….well , I have had approximately 6 Cryo sessions since the last week in October AND YES ..I do notice a significant effect Cryotherapy has had on my body …how do I notice ? Initially after each session , I do get a huge feelgood factor as the rush of adrenaline and endorphins circulate around the body , but does the effect stay with me ? Well I have noticed that my joints , muscles , ligaments etc the body in general , all feels looser, more comfortable in myself and the body doesn’t feel as ‘racked ‘ either after the games or the few days after . As I do the delivery of the Tralee Advertiser every Friday ( as does my significant other Colette ) , I quite often would be still feeling the effects of the Tues & Wed games as I rack up the 35000 steps I do every Friday , the body would be ‘ talking to me ‘ a little more , so to speak…But since the Cryo sessions ( 3 min session at approx -160 degrees in the open chamber ) , that discomfort has eased up considerably, and I would have really noticed it taking the stairs on a few delivery outlets , as the knees would be talking to me …but not so much any more ! 2 points in particular ,,,,prior to October , I had a constant ‘pull’ in my lower back left side for the past 9 months or so …which has now disappeared …and I had a tightness in my left quad , as if I was one step away from pulling that muscle …again its now gone too !

I have experimented with having a session every 2 weeks to see if that works while being manageable ( cost is €50 per session so well worth it ) and so far so good ! So tell Mario that Chris the ‘Soccer player ‘ ( not retired just yet ) sent you and as always he will treat you well with that famous smile of his ! ( Mario 066-7120873 Sun Factory Tanning Salon Rock St Tralee ) Written by Chris Shortt , Editor , The Tralee Advertiser