It’s great to see businesses coming back after lockdown but locals in Castle Street have an extra reason to be cheerful this week as their favourite pub, Turner’s Bar, a long-established favourite in Tralee, reopens full time.
Lockdown threw up a few new experiences for pub owner Aiden Turner. He found himself home-schooling his children Amie and AJ which, he concedes, wasn’t easy.

“My wife Sarah was working. I found the schooling thing difficult all right,” he laughs. “It was a busy time. I was doing football runs and a good bit of cooking too.”
“We opened our doors again this week; the first time since September last year, and we couldn’t be happier,” Aiden says.

Generous Neighbours
“There’s a lovely seating area at the front of the pub, right on the street, where punters can enjoy a pint and watch the world go by. We also have a large area at the back, thanks to our neighbour who has generously donated some extra space in the yard. We managed to hold on to our old staff too. We’re hoping to team up with a local food business very soon so we can offer pub lunches in the future.”

That all sounds great but what I want I really want to know, and I’m sure your punters want to know this too: are you still serving your famous Irish Coffee, the one made with whipped cream from Kerry cows; sweetened with local, organic honey, with a measure of Roe & Co Irish whiskey, blended with mellow spun sugar, a hint of spiced pears and a touch of vanilla?

“Yes.” Excellent.