The TY pupils in the CBS the Green launched their campaign to raise awareness of the issue of Dog Dirt on Tralee’s Paths and Walkways on Friday 29th January when they made a presentation to Tralee Tidy Towns at their bi-monthly meeting. The campaign is being supported by Tralee Tidy Towns and Tralee Chamber Alliance The pupils presented the results of the survey they carried out which showed that all of the people surveyed (both dog owners and non-owners) believe that dog dirt is the responsibility of the dog owner. The pupils feel this is a positive shift in the way people think about this issue. More and more dog owners are aware of the need to take their dog’s dirt home with them. The Tys are liaising with groups, organisations and clubs in Tralee such ast vets, kennels, pet shops to come on board and give their support to this campaign.

In the coming weeks they will be asked to display posters and stickers to highten awareness of the dog dirt issue. Tralee Chamber Alliance and Tralee Tidy Towns along with the TY pupils and Team Bramble are asking the people of the town to support them in their campaign.