LOCAL KERRY BUSINESSES, TLI Group and Kerry Coaches, Ireland’s leading Luxury Coach Company, were proud to sponsor the recent 780km main cycle organised by national charity Cycle Against Suicide, in which hundreds of cyclists took part.

The Kerry businesses have been stalwart supporters of Cycle Against Suicide and the success of this year’s cycle is thanks to the involvement and commitment of families, friends and the wider community, including businesses such as TLI Group and Kerry Coaches.Using pedal power to promote conversations about mental health and suicide awareness, the 2019 main cycle saw hundreds of cyclists, travel through 63 towns and villages across Ireland.

TLI Group and Kerry Coaches provided multiple vehicles for leading and supporting all aspects of the 10-day cycle, demonstrating their strong commitment to driving positive social outcomes in the Kerry community where they live, work and serve.These steps in raising awareness on mental health are helping to break down the barriers around mental illness, connecting those affected with available treatment options and breaking down, one day at a time, the stigma attached to mental illness.Cycle Against Suicide is currently introducing an evidence-based Schools’ Programme that educates students on mental health issues, helps build resilience and empowers young people to become mental health champions for their peers.Caroline Lafferty, CEO of Cycle Against Suicide adds: “Support from companies with values and work cultures that place an emphasis on people and community living, like TLI Group and Kerry Coaches, have been a big part in the success of the charity. The synergy with the goals of Cycle Against Suicide is quite obvious and together we can translate that synergy into something invaluable – better mental health in Ireland and more lives saved every day.
The power of the cycle and its message is something that brings families, communities, organisations, schools, individuals and cyclists of all abilities together with a common purpose of ending the cycle of suicide. Each year, Cycle Against Suicide aims to engage more and more communities to begin a conversation about mental health; about looking after ourselves and reaching out to each other.

For more information on the Cycle Against Suicide, visit www.cycleagainstsuicide.com.
Photo caption: Volunteers and Cyclists from Cycle Against Suicide main 2019 cycle with the vehicles provided by TLI.