SuperValu and Centra stores in Kerry are set to launch the new Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) on February 1st, underscoring their ongoing commitment to fostering sustainable communities. In a €28 million investment nationally, the stores have installed 31 Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) across 24 locations in Kerry.The widespread placement of these RVMs ensures that customers in both large and small communities throughout the country have easy access to nearby return facilities. Following trials that commenced in early 2023, higher footfall locations will now feature two machines to enhance efficiency and convenience for container returns.
Ian Allen, Managing Director of SuperValu & Centra, expressed enthusiasm for the DRS scheme’s rollout in Kerry, emphasizing its alignment with the stores’ strategy to build more sustainable communities. The €28 million investment involves installing over 600 RVMs across every county in Ireland, aiming to provide convenient return options for everyone.
Allen highlighted the DRS investments as part of a broader commitment to environmental initiatives, including solar panel installations, fridge doors for energy conservation, LED lighting, and packaging reduction efforts. These collective actions demonstrate the retailers’ dedication to diminishing their overall climate impact and advancing sustainable practices.SuperValu and Centra anticipate a significant impact from the DRS scheme, estimating that 90% of recyclable PET bottles and aluminum cans sold in stores will be returned. The rollout of RVMs across the store network is projected to result in the collection of over 320 million containers annually, contributing substantially to recycling efforts.