Every January, 6th year secondary students all over Ireland begin to weigh up their options, looking towards their futures and the opportunities they can target in the coming year. As the CAO deadline of Wednesday 1st of February is fast approaching it can be overwhelming attempting to choose which path they should follow.
Choosing which college to put as a first choice is a big decision for both the students and their families. IT Tralee has always been a popular choice for students from the greater Munster region and all over Ireland and with such a wide range of perks, from the academic to social, it is no wonder it retains this status.
Prospective college students look for a variety of courses, the standard and quality of lecturing staff and facilities, as well as looking towards their future career and graduation opportunities. IT Tralee, with courses ranging from Business and Computing to Agricultural Engineering, Health and Leisure, Nursing and Pharmaceutical Science ticks all of these boxes plus more.
Speaking about the upcoming CAO deadline, President of IT Tralee, Dr Oliver Murphy commented: “Students across Ireland have come to a major junction in their lives and are faced with a big decision on what path to take. Every year we look forward to welcoming a new group of students who choose to come on their exciting journey with us. With 41 high-quality internationally recognised and accredited courses through the CAO to choose from, we have something to suit everyone. Our staff are a huge asset and with one of the best student to staff ratios in the country you are not just a number, you are part of a concise, tight-knit, world-class community that values independent thinking and fosters academic scholarship, along with diversity and a fulfilling student experience.

We are all familiar with the well-known saying ‘college, the best years of your life’, and this is not all attributed to the academic perks of college but also the fun student lifestyle. College is an opportunity to try different things, experience the new and exciting, while making memories and a network of friends for life.

There are over 70 clubs and societies to join and for those looking to train their body as well as their brain, there is a state-of-the-art €15m sports academy opening in 2018.
While college is an exciting time, it can also be stressful and worrying for parents and students faced with funding this adventure into further education. “Parents and students will be glad to hear that the cost of living in Tralee is significantly lower than Dublin (50% less) and Limerick or Cork (25% less). There is a whole host of affordable, high quality student accommodations available here, all within walking distance of the IT Tralee campuses and the many amenities that the Tralee area has to offer. This is surely an important factor when weighing up options,” added President Murphy.

One-to-one assistance will be available to Students on Friday 13th January at 2pm at the Business and IT Building at the IT Tralee North Campus and again those interested can find out more information at www.ittralee.ie/caoinformation.
For more information on the perks and opportunities that studying at IT Tralee has to offer and for queries from students or parents interested