Killarney’s newest gem, Pig’s Lane, is a subterranean haven for enthusiasts of hand-crafted cocktails, sustainable wines, and live music. Nestled on College Street, it’s the town’s first underground bar, masterminded by the same family-run team responsible for acclaimed venues like Café du Parc, The Tan Yard, and O’Donoghue Public House – the O’Donoghue Ring Collection.
Pig’s Lane takes its name from the former Pig’s Lane that ran from College Street through Railway Road in the early 1900s. A lamp-lit archway beckons guests to descend a beautifully tiled staircase, evoking the charm of old underground railways.
Behind the scenes, Ariel Sanecki, a seasoned cocktail competition winner and the new Drinks Development Manager, has crafted an exquisite cocktail menu. Locally sourced garnishes and homemade syrups complement the best Irish spirits. Groups can share antiquated punch bowls, steeped in tradition and filled with libations featuring local spirits, cold brew herbal teas, and fruity accents.
The bar also offers a thoughtfully curated wine list featuring natural, biodynamic, and sustainable varieties from small producers committed to environmental care. Wines from Romania, Crete, Czech Republic, and Lebanon invite wine enthusiasts on a journey beyond traditional terroirs, contributing to a greener future.
The hidden whiskey parlour is a treasure trove of over 120 rare bottles from international producers and collectors. While it showcases the finest Scotch, Japanese, and Bourbon bottles, premium Irish whiskeys are the focal point, including exclusive and rare releases.
Newly appointed Group Development Chef Janice Casey Brackens has crafted a menu of snacks and small plates using the freshest local ingredients, including produce from the innovative Killarney Urban Farm next door.
Music is an integral part of the experience, with a diverse mix of genres. The eclectic house playlist sets the tone, while well-known artists, bands, and DJs deliver intimate live performances underground.

Open seven days a week from 5 pm, Pig’s Lane is a unique hideaway just in time for the approaching darker months.