Once again ,well known DJ Chris Shortt, has been selected to entertain the Roses at this years gala event ,The Rose Ball on Friday 18th August
However Chris is no stranger to this event having performed as “Rose ball DJ” for the last number of years!

“I am delighted to have been selected AGAIN to perform at the Gala Rose Ball Event ,it was an honour some years ago to be asked to perform at the 50th anniversary Rose ball and its an honour again to be involved in the biggest Rose selection event in Tralees Festival history ….it shows I must be doing something right!!! This year is very special as Tralee hosts again this year the semi-finals with all 64 Roses before the Rose Ball on the Friday night .”The Rose Ball is a very spectacular night and should be on everybodys bucket list !.The organising committee raise the bar each year to be even more special than the previous year ….and they certainly do …..I know …I see it each year and each year is different !

It is great to have followed bands such as Aslan,Paddy Cole,Abbaesque, Bjorn Again,Brass & Co etc over the years.This year in particular I think ,everybody in the local entertainment committee have surpassed themselves with the even larger entertainment line-up happening all over the streets of Tralee. Its fitting also that the Festival now has its own HQ , the Rose Hotel which will be the centre of the Universe for 2 weeks !

WATCH OUT TRALEE for Chris at the Rose Ball ONCE AGAIN this year!!