Kerry’s Petmania Puppy Club, a free online resource for new pet parents has just launched . Petmania is sharing everything pet owners need to know to love and care for their new furry friend throughout its first year. Members will access expert advice on all aspects of a puppy’s health, diet, training and grooming needs to help them navigate the developmental milestones up to the puppy’s first birthday.
New puppy owners can sign-up to the Petmania Puppy Club any time before or during puppy’s first year to receive timely advice tailored to the pup’s age, development stage and upcoming milestones. The club offers step-by-step guidance through a puppy’s first year includes how to choose a puppy, teething, house training, vaccinations, socialising, grooming, diet plus ‘sit, stay, focus’ and lead training via
Linda Cavanagh, manager of Petmania Tralee said:
“Getting a puppy is an exciting time for any family. The Petmania Puppy Club will help guide and support you during puppy’s first year. Puppies need to understand what you want them to do and to follow your instructions in all social settings. This is vital to help you raise a happy, healthy puppy. We have missed hosting our monthly puppy classes at Petmania Tralee. We are delighted to launch the Petmania Puppy Club and encourage new puppy-parents to join.”
Petmania Puppy Club Members will get expert advice about caring for their puppy, from its team of in-house pet care advisors and groomers. Plus some of Ireland’s top pet experts including, Vet, Carol Doyle and Dawn Greer, a Championship level Agility Trainer who has represented Ireland at Crufts, the World Agility Championships and the European Open share their knowledge.

Dawn has 10 four-legged family members and shares her insights with Petmania Puppy Club members on training and behaviour.

Dawn commented:
“Your puppy’s experiences within the first year are incredibly important to his social and mental wellbeing. It can make all the difference to his personality and temperament when he becomes an adult. Helping puppies meet their behavioural milestones is a key element in raising your new pup. I advise new pet parents to sign up for the Petmania Puppy Club to help them on their way to raising happy, healthy adult dogs!”
For those that wish to join the Petmania Puppy Club and get exclusive access to discounts, care advice and step-by-step guidance through your puppy’s first year, they can visit today.
Photos courtesy of Dylan Vaughan.
Bea Tobin (6) and Bobby Phelan-O’Mahony (7) with Milo a 7 month old Cocker Spaniel
Border Collies, Wow (7 months) and Whisper (9)
Chloe McNabb with Milo a 7 month old Cocker Spaniel