Thursday 17th October 2019: The sister of a footballer from Co. Kerry will fly into Ireland this weekend to go on the National Lottery’s Winning Streak TV game show on RTÉ One this Saturday (19th October) after his name was selected to appear on the show on the very same day he had to play an important game.
When Michael Foley from Killarney, Co. Kerry got the call to say his name had been pulled out to appear on Winning Streak, last Saturday, he was overcome with excitement. The next morning another call came through which put a spanner in the works. He discovered that his club’s Kerry Senior Football Championship quarter-final had been scheduled for the same day! Michael (22) had a big decision to make – play in his big match for East Kerry versus Dingle or go on Winning Streak.
After a bit of thought, corner-forward Michael was never going to let his side down and will line out for East Kerry for the big game, which will be broadcast on the same time as Winning Streak. Michael’s older sister Melissa will be flying in from London to take his place in the Winning Streak hot seat!
The first thing Melissa (28) did last Saturday evening, when she found out that Michael was going to be on the hit game show, was to book a flight to Ireland so she could cheer him on from the studio audience. Now she is going to do her brother a good turn and play the game in his place. It will be a Foley sibling takeover on RTÉ as RTÉ Two will broadcast the game live, while at the same time Winning Streak will be on RTÉ One.
It will certainly be a flying visit for Melissa who will fly over on Friday evening and will return to London on Sunday afternoon. She has lived in London for the past four and a half years, since she moved over with her boyfriend Shane, since she left Killarney after college. She works as a Cancer Nurse Specialist in St. George’s Hospital in London.
While Michael, who also works at Lee Strand Milk Co-op in Tralee will be busy preparing for his game and is happy to leave the Winning Streak focus on his sister. Melissa will be supported in the audience by their parents Helen and Mike (Snr) and other members of the family and close friends.

As for plans with his winnings from the show, Michael said: “To be honest, I haven’t given it a single thought as I am focusing on the big game. I know Melissa will do the family proud and I’m grateful for her stepping in in my hour of need! Regardless we will have a celebration on Saturday after the show and game is done.”
Michael has only returned to Ireland in May this year after two years of travelling around Australia. He played football when he was in Australia and played for Penrith Gaels in Sydney and Garryowen in Melbourne while he was living away from home.