The lovely Jasmine Ryle , from Tralee, was taken by surprise last week in Paris when a chance encounter led her to take Centre stage at Paris Fashion Week . We´ll let her mother, Sally Ryle,tell the wonderful story …..¨ She had been out dining in a local restaurant with some friends when she was approached by designer Sergio Davila from Peru asking her what Agency she was with to which she replied ‘ None ! I’m a student) he then asked her would she like to walk the catwalk in his show 2 days later ! The next day was the fitting and she told him that she had a soccer match! ( to his surprise! Which he loved ) so the team awaited her and the following morning the event took place at the beautiful Bir Hakeim Bridge which crosses the Seine river in the 15th arrondissent. She had a wonderful day and made lots of friends and contacts in the wonderful world of haute couture. Jasmine is currently in her second year studying Interior Architecture and also doing an internship with a French Architectural company in Paris but who knows what the future may bring ! In any case she is enjoying and embracing this new opportunity¨