If Kerry is the kingdom then one of the gems in our crown has to be the Jane Hilliard gallery which is nestled in Tralee Shopping Centre , right at the back near the automatic doors .
It’s one of life’s pleasures to wander around getting lost in the tranquil lakes, rugged seashores or mountains roads with hedgerows covered in wildflowers that are depicted in the original paintings and limited-edition prints that Jane has created during the last 18 years in her gallery in the Tralee shopping centre. Now there is yet another reason to visit the gallery as Jane, together with her daughter Karol and husband Mike have extended the business and are now offering a full framing service. Jane says, “It’s a family affair and great to work together, the space is
now larger and brighter and we feel the framing very much compliments the gallery. We do all sorts of framing, art work, photos, tapestries, jerseys, medals and all kinds of memorabilia. We recently had a man come in to us with a piece of art created by his young daughter. It was stones glued to a painting representing the mother and child, the child was giving her mum a flower. It was beautiful and would melt your heart. We chose a pastel Mount to complement the colouring and a pretty pink box frame, the end result was stunning. I’m sure it brought a tear to her mums eye on Mother’s Day. I really enjoy the process of helping people to choose the correct frame, it is amazing how an imaginative approach can transform an image and how happy it makes people to be part of the process. A frame can do more than just complement its contents, it can became a beautiful piece of furnishing to enhance a room”.

Keep your eyes on the Tralee Advertiser in the coming weeks as the Jane Hilliard Gallery and framing service will be offering a Special 25% off voucher for Christmas for allframing services.