Local artists Pat Pierse and John Buggy wrote this song,”A Christmas Hug” . It’s one of those songs that will make you smile. As you are well aware many people today have serious mental stresses as a result of financial problems and issues closer to home.The “Inspired “group in Tralee deserve a lot of credit for what they have as accomplished these past three years.
John and Pat are
delighted to be able to support them with the proceeds of this song.
Says Pat “ I sent the song to numerous radio stations hoping to get it aired. I do hope our own local radio well give it a plug. It’s a country Christmas song and I must say that so far everyone that has listened to it love it. I emailed it to Brendan Grace Promotional Manager who kindly forwarded it on to Bottler himself.
I received two messages from Brendan Grace last week wishing me all the best with it. He loved it.
We need to get it played and shared and get it into the archives of popular Christmas songs.
Special thanks to the lovely Helena Brosnan ( Sweet F A) who agreed to pose for the cover with her Mayo man, Niall Donnellon.
We will be having a launch this Friday (today Nov 24th )
between 6 and 8 pm at the Rose Hotel. John and I will be there along with Inspired Tralee . Cds will be on sale by “Inspired” @ only 5 euro. So please do come down and support us. The Hotel has very kindly supported us and mulled wine , tea.coffee and a bit of fingerfood will be available. We are very appreciative to them.“