Enhance your health and well being with a visit to the newly opened Thornton Therapies wellness rooms in the Aqua Dome where a variety of wellness treatments, holistic therapies and beauty treatments are on offer. Thornton Therapies staff are experienced in all aspects of health and wellness treatments and this is reflected in the wide range of treatments on offer. Couples, carers, friends and duo treatments are available for customers wishing to share their experiences and sole treatments are available for anyone seeking relaxation on their own. Natalie Thornton of Thornton Therapies is also delighted to announce the new wellness treatment rooms welcome all clients including those with special needs. These facilities are wheelchair friendly and are easily accessible to everyone. There is parking available on site at the Aqua Dome along with a section reserved for wheelchair access. The wellness treatments rooms have an electronic height adjustable massage/treatment bed which facilitates easy transfer of clients from wheelchair to treatment bed and staff are trained and experienced to deal with mobility and accessibility requirements.
Maintaining health and well being should be a priority in everyone’s lives as this helps reduce the need for medical attention and contributes to longevity. A holistic approach to health is so important for the mind, body and soul and Thornton Therapies help towards maintaining this balance. It is important in this day and age to take time our for yourself especially with the stresses that modern life brings. Self-care should be a necessity, not a luxury! The benefits of maintaining health and well being are necessary for balance, self-improvement, rehabilitation and relaxation.

The following are tips for maintaining good health:
Eat a healthy diet
Exercise regularly
Avoid smoking and limit alcohol consumption
Ensure adequate sleep
Protect yourself from the sun
Become more self aware
Get screening tests regularly
Have fun and spend time with loved ones
Treat yourself to a massage or holistic treatment

An added benefit is customers who use the wellness rooms is that they have an option to use all the facilities in the Aqua Dome at a special reduced rate of €7 and this includes entrance to the pool, gym and adult only Vitality Spa. The Aqua Dome pool is great for fun for all the family and the dynamic pool has many benefits which enhance health, fitness & well being. The Vitality Spa offers a a unique blend of heat experiences for customers to relax and re-charge the body as they indulge themselves from head to toe and the Aqua Dome Gym is the perfect place to improve mobility, strength and flexibility.

All in all, Thornton Therapies along with the adult only Vitality Spa and other facilities in the Aqua Dome help to restore and maintain health and well being.

Treatments are an integral part of an approach to inner and outer health and well-being and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers these wonderful treatments.