“Heartbreaking to see this after over 40 years and 2 generations in business. We want to wish all the best to the O’Connor family.
Its frustrating and maddening to see another business close, in a week that also saw Radar Sports announce their closure of their store in Ivy Terrace (but continuing with a strong online shop presence !”)
We know shopping is changing, and we all speak about how online is taking over. But please, remember that shops just like these are local – employing local staff & supporting local families. If you think shopping online is saving you, remember who’s losing out!
If you don’t already understand the importance of shopping local…then perhaps now you might! We ask everyone to #ShopLocal
We urge any business owner in difficulty to contact us, we may not be able to help with all the issues, but we can certainly try
KEN ken@tralee.ie
AIDAN president@tralee.ie