Bréanainn is a new documentary on the life, legends and legacy of St. Brendan the Navigator which will première at the Rose Hotel, Tralee on Sunday 15th May at 8pm.

Over many years, there has been much debate over the question who were the first Europeans to discover North America. Notables among them credited with the feat are Christopher Colombus, Leif Eriksson and St Brendan the Navigator. During the past six years, the Fair Drop Film Production Team have researched and produced a film documentary that makes a compelling case for the most extraordinary and internationally known Kerry sailor saint, Brendan the Navigator.

In this film, the production team present factual evidence, fascinating topography, folklore, and history, illustrated richly with maps, photography, video clips and text. They have appealed to the available archaeological and historical evidence concerning Saint Brendan, and explored the legacy and effects of this inspiring figure throughout the ages to the present.
The production team was co-ordinated by Dr Declan Downey, The Royal Academy of History Madrid & University College Dublin, and Mr Sean Quinlan, The Rattoo Heritage Society; and Éamonn O’Reilly, who had, initially, proposed the project to Seán.
The documentary includes contributions from Robert and Olive Pierse, Tighe O’Donoghue Ross, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Carmel Costello, Fr Brendan Walsh, the late Fr Gearóid Ó Donnchadha and the late John B. Keane.
The DVD can be purchased on line at
Tickets for the Rose Hotel launch on the 15th May are available in Tralee from the Parish offices of Our Lady & St Brendan’s, and St John’s.