Fast rising kerry dj/producers Boogie Block are supporting one of Ireland’s biggest stars HYBRASIL on Thursday night Nov 9th at the Abbey inn in Association with Tralee ITT and Fusion Boogie Block consists of the 2 twenty year old DJs/producers from North Kerry. They first started playing together in December last year and have went on to support many artists with the likes of jon rundell Jonno Brien, Jacob B, Jenny Greene Meadbh O Connor to name a few. F:LAN is one of the members of Boogie block but also has his own solo project. He has only recently started producing his own techno tracks with his debut EP existence out last last Friday. 2018 is set to be a big year for both Boogie Block and F:LAN with loads of new material to be released and a lot of plans in the pipeline. Yasmin Gardezi is fresh to the techno scene in Cork. She started by live streaming mixes at BMG Sound, raking up thousands of views and the admiration of her fellow djs. Yasmin has already broke through the scene in Cork, when she played in the grimey Spailpin Fanach for Distortion’s Rave Mood series 001 during UCC Freshers Week 2017. With very exciting things in the pipeline, she is making a debut in her native home of Tralee to support one of the biggest techno acts in the Country.TONY Selmon is from Listowel and is fast becoming one of Kerrys finest producersTony will be playing a live production set on the night